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Services at Vishtech

We create innovative engineering solutions and implement them in projects that benefit a variety of industries. Our advanced engineering services, including Electrical System Design, Electrical System Testing and Power Plant Operation, are meticulously designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results over long periods of time.

Busduct System Design

Design of a project has very important role in project planning and execution, Proper designing is not only must for a project but it also provides an economical and optimum method of executing the project. Designing in field of Bus Bar trunking system involves deciding optimum root layout for the bus duct and designing of individual components. Upon the layout drawings being approved the client / end user we progress to the actual diagram of the busbar trunking system. This process involves coordinating between the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the end user. Vishtech ensures that the drawings are approved by both the manufacturer and the end user and ensure smooth flow of the transaction by visiting and getting the details approved.
Vishtech has a dedicated team of designers and engineers who have been supporting end users over a period of time by providing assistance and help on the requirements of busbar trunking systems. Our engineers undertake a site visit and get the actual measurement of the requirement of bus duct length required. Later we provide them with a comprehensive site report and prepare drawings detailing the layout of the busbar trunking system.


Installation Testing and commissioning of Bus Bar trunking Systems

Post the arrival of all the material from the Original Equipment Manufacturer and the accessories that are required for the installation of the bus ducts, Vishtech undertakes the process of installing the bus ducts at a mutually agreed date and upon successful installation provides the end user with testing and commissioning of the entire length of bus duct. We also advice the end users on the advantages of periodic maintenance of the bus ducts and related accessories in order to ensure that the bus duct perform efficiently.
Vishtech Engineering Corporation Private Limited Bus Bar trunking Installation teams are highly trained and experienced in this particular field. Our teams have installation base of more than 50000 Mtrs bus ducts. Our teams are technically upgraded with all the instruments and tools for smooth installation in most efficient way.

Supply Of Bus Duct & Related Acessories

Upon the successful approval and post the bus bar being manufactured, Vishtech assists the end users with supplying of the bus ducts to the site and also advice the end users on the method involved with unloading and storing of the bus ducts on site till the time of installation testing and commissioning of the systems.
There are certain accessories that are required in order to complete the Bus Bar Trunking System Project are fully operational. These would include accessories like adaptor boxes, copper flexible, end feed units, D.G. Rubber bellows, supporting hangers, spring hangers etc. These items are custom build as per customer requirements, we insure to supplied them along with Bus bar trunking system to complete the project. These components are not available with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hence Vishtech engineering corporation ensures to provide them with best quality.


Vishtech Engineering Corporation Pvt Ltd is an expert in providing fast, friendly and professional services to the commercial and industrial sectors. We provide top quality installation at competitive pricing and are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Our Staff are:

Highly Trained
Insured and Bondable
Safety Conscious

We follow strict guidelines to ensure that all our work is completed in a safe and efficient way. We fully adhere to site safety requirements. We are always available during start up and commissioning to ensure that all the equipment has been properly integrated into the client environment.

Services Offered
Maintenance of HT & LT Panels
Maintenance of Transformers
Maintenance of Bus Ducts


The Services team of Vishtech consists of highly talented pool of engineers and technical individuals that possess extensive process knowledge and expertise. We always bring fresh ideas to each project while continuing to utilize industry proven techniques. We provide our clientele with innovative, responsive and efficient ways to create solutions that:
Streamline Process to Increase Efficiency
Reduce Operating Costs
Maintaining an organized internal structure and one-point contact person per project
Providing Innovative Solutions
Being a reliable resource when emergency situations demand a quick response
Always Providing the Highest Level of Customer Service
Provide Access to Process Information for Management
Completing All Projects On Time and Within Budget
Working Closely with Project Managers to ensure all their issues are addressed
Maintaining Client Confidentiality

To insure quick resolution of issues and highest level customer service we have our in house service facilities for maintenance of Bus Ducts and LT Panels in Patiala, Noida and Bangalore, with experienced staff in respective field also necessary machinery, Tools and tackle.

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